Ultimate Virtual Running Series



The Ultimate Virtual Running Series is a monthly running series for anyone, anywhere! Join a team and count all your runs towards one or more of our achievement categories.

These categories include highest and least elevation gain, and of course furthest distance run. Medals don’t just go to overall winners, but also to age group podiums as well.

There are no set courses, no set distances. Just whatever you are doing in normal training or your routine to keep fit. We have a user-friendly spreadsheet for you to fill out daily or weekly, and where you can see how you are comparing to others in the Series.

And to top it all off, 10% of all proceeds go to a charity of choice, picked by followers of Ultra Runners SA.

So join us in the UVRS, for $24.95/month (which includes $2.00 for medal postage) it’s a great way to stay fit and connected in these socially-distanced times!

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