Orange Mud Transition Towel/Seat Wrap



You’re dirty…keep your car purdy! Sitting on your seat post workout is kind of gross right? Or maybe your sweaty friend sitting on your seat? Or even muck and gunk from your kids? How about the parking lot deck change where the towel unravels as you change your clothes? We have a solution that we hope you’ll like!

A car seat cover and changing towel in one. The Transition & Seat Wrap™ is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours clean!

These awesome Orange Mud brand towels have been embroidered with the Ultra Runners South Australia logo.

  • Securely change – An adjustable belt with a secure clip makes this easy!
  • Protect your seat – Zip up the integrated hoodie pocket and slip over head rest.
  • Need a towel in a pinch – Works great for this too!

152cm long x 76cm wide
Impact resistant polymer clip
Laser cut super tough belt
Material: Microfiber
Wash cold before first use, dry cool
Made in Vietnam

Orange Mud logo

Weight .510 kg
Dimensions 152 × 76 cm

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