Heysen 105

Oct 26-27 2019

105km · 60km · 37km

Please note:

We've turned the Heysen 105 upside down and given the course an overhaul for the better. The 57km course is now 60km, and the 35km course is now 37km - that's 5km total at no extra cost! More importantly everyone will finish at Rocky Creek making for an awesome after-party! Join us around the fire and cheer on your mates.


An iconic South Australian trail running race, the Heysen 105 Ultra marathon is an endurance event like no other in Australia. Traversing a 105km section of the 1200km-long Heysen Trail, competitors experience the best trail running has to offer in the state, taking in rolling farmland, sandy forests, rocky hillsides and lots more. The views are spectacular through the magnificent conservation parks, with the backdrop of gum trees, abundant wildlife and both wide open spaces and closed in trails making this a truly Australian experience. Elevation gain is around 2400m, with the course record standing at 9h 51m 36s by Brendan Davies in 2014, and 11h 21m 47s by Bronwyn Young in 2017 for the females.


The weather is normally mild, on average peaking in the mid to high 20s during the day. Though events have experienced both driving rain one year and temps in the 30s in another.

There is a choice of 37km, 60km, and 105km events, for everyone from a "newbie" to trail running up to those who want to test their limits to the extreme.

In 2019 we will introduce electronic timing to the Heysen 105.

Every finisher of every event receives a great piece of bling for their efforts, except for the sub-16 hour runners in the 105km who qualify for the much sought after Heysen buckle.

All events are catered and the courses marked, but be aware a mandatory gear list still applies to each event. See the lists below for all the details.

We hope to see you out at the Heysen in October!

...possibly the most life changing experience at the Heysen 105...when I finally got out of bed on the Sunday, I was announcing loudly that I was never going to run another marathon again - ultra marathons only for me from now on! I'm officially addicted.

Nancy W.

Race Information

Race Calendar

Race days: October 26-27 2019

Registrations open: February 1 2019

Start / Cutoff times

Gear checks: 5.15am – 6.30am - all 105km runners. Other gear check times and locations will be made available prior to the event. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Any 105 km runner forecasting a sub-16 hour finish MUST run in the 7.00am group. All other 105 km runners are welcome to start in either wave. There is no need to nominate a wave - we will confirm which wave you wish to start in during check in.

RaceStart timeCutoff timeAllowed time
105 km (< 16 hr)7:00AM Saturday October 26 20197:00AM Sunday October 27 201924 hours
105 km (> 16 hr)6:00AM Saturday October 26 20197:00AM Sunday October 27 201925 hours
60 km12:00PM Saturday October 26 201912:00AM Sunday October 27 201912 hours
37 km2:00PM Saturday October 26 201910:00PM Saturday October 26 20198 hours

Race fees

105km · AUD $264.00
60km · AUD $154.00
37km · AUD $99.00

Early bird discounts

Please view our Pricing page

Pay before Apr 30th 2018: 35% discount
Pay before Sep 16th 2018: 15% discount

Ultra Runners South Australia/Yumigo! members and volunteers: email Ultra Runners South Australia to request your discount code.

Refund policy

Please view our refunds policy.


Heysen 105 PDF Maps - coming soon

GPX files

Download the appropriate GPX file to add the course map to your favourite running device.

105km GPX file

60km GPX file

37km GPX file

Apps for mobile devices

We have made a list of some of the apps used by runners throughout the world. Have a look at our Resources page for links.

105km course

60km course

37km course

Elevation Details

105km: 2,088 metres elevation

60km: 978 metres elevation

37km: 550 metres elevation

Route Details

Trace de Trail website showing details and elevation profile.

Race bling & merchandise

Click/tap on the at the right of each column to open the list.

Mandatory gear

Click/tap on the at the right of each column to open the list.

Gear checks

Gear checks will be able to be conducted at pre-determined locations prior to the event, as well as at the event venue.

From September 1 2019 bags can be checked at both The Running Company stores in Adelaide (278-280 Unley Road Hyde Park, and Shop 1/39A Beach Road Christies Beach).

Aid stations

All Ultra Runners South Australia races are cup-free. Athletes, support crew, and volunteers are asked to bring their own refillable vessels such as flasks, bottles or collapsable cups.
Cup-free icon

Below is a list of the things you can expect to find at the race aid stations.


  • Water
  • Ice will be available at all CPs and Water Drops
  • Powerade energy drink
  • Coke


  • Watermelon
  • Bananas
  • Chips
  • Lollies (Party Mix)
  • Trail Mix
  • Cucumber and Cheese sandwiches
  • Potatoes at CP3/CP4/Finish
  • Extra savoury snacks
  • Hot meal (incl vegan) at Finish

Race Briefing

While almost all the information you require about Heysen 105 is on this web page, the race director will provide a 'Race Briefing' shortly before the race. This will detail all crucial race information and alert you to any necessary adjustments.

This document is considered essential reading for all competitors, support crew and volunteers.

2018 Heysen 105 Event Handbook - PDF (5.1MB) [revised 12:00pm 21st Oct 2018]

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Provisional starters' lists

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Bus times

Bus times to be confirmed.

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Volunteers & Support Crew

Our volunteers will contribute thousands of combined hours to assist, support and motivate you from the start to the finish of your run. Below is a list of volunteers for this year's race. We encourage you to say "thank you" to the volunteers whenever possible - these races simply cannot occur without their support.

If you would like to contribute to this or any race as a volunteer, please email the Ultra Runners South Australia team at your earliest convenience.

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Photos from all Ultra Runners South Australia events can be accessed via the Ultra Runners South Australia Bluemelon website. You will also find photos from our events on our Facebook page.

Race results

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