About Us

Yumigo! was created by runner Ben Hockings to promote physical activity and the diversity of the South Australian landscape. Yumigo! (you-me-go!) is a pidgin English word used to inspire action to “do something together”.

Since it's inception, Yumigo has grown to the point where it organises a large number of events each year. In 2018 the decision was made to initiate Ultra Runners South Australia - a body whose purpose is to manage the long distance events throughout South Australia.

All Ultra Runners South Australia events are selected with scenery and running enjoyment in mind, we believe our events showcase some of the best runs, through some of the most scenic locations in South Australia.

Runners, trail runners in particular, and the events they participate in normally pride themselves on how their activity is a way to improve their fitness with minimal impact on the environment. At Ultra Runners South Australia we strive to do the same thing, to encourage each of our followers and racers to essentially leave behind only their footprints as they experience nature wherever it is that they may be running.